About Us

Jeffrey P. Newton, Founder & President of ASG

Jeffrey P. Newton, the Founder and President of ASG, has worked in the environmental remediation field and energy industry for the majority of his career.

He has developed environmental remediation technologies for companies such as Bechtel – Hanover, Washington DOE Project, General Electric in PCB remediation, and ARCO (BP) in Alberta, Canada. He has also completed environmental remediation projects for the Environmental Protection Agency, the City of New York, and two manufacturing companies in India.

With Brown and Root (now KBR) he worked in large-scale operations research projects as applied to multi-national environments, man-machine interfaces and artificial intelligence development.


ASG is based in Ithaca, New York and operates its pilot unit in Alberta, Canada. ASG invites interested parties to observe the G-44 Process pilot unit in operation. ASG is utilizing the engineering services of Jacobs Engineering for the design of the first commercial G-44 Process System.