Products of the G-44 Process

Products by state

Gas outputs:

  • Hydrogen, aliphatic hydrocarbons, methanol vapor, alcohols, and oxygenates (from natural gas, CO2 and CO inputs)
  • Cyclopropane
  • Ethylene and other unsaturated low carbon number hydrocarbons

Liquid outputs:

  • Liquid aliphatic C12 to C20 hydrocarbons, oxygenates, C5 to C12 polyethers, aldehydes, ketones, solvents, and a variety of useful carbon-hydrogen-oxygen compounds
  • 2-methyl butane, and 2-methyl pentane (found in the product gas stream when natural gas is part of the input stream)
  • Methanol (a major liquid product when converting natural gas and CO2)
  • Oxygenates can be hydrogenated to pure hydrocarbons using the excess hydrogen generated in the gas output stream.
  • Ammonia when methane and nitrogen are input

Solid outputs:

  • Amorphous and structured carbon and carbon-based compounds (such as PNAs in large solid arrays)

G-44 Process Diagram_Updated