Aleph Sciences Group (ASG) is an energy technology company based in Ithaca, New York, and Calgary, Alberta, Canada. ASG has developed the G-44 Gas Conversion Process, a breakthrough gas conversion process that converts greenhouse gases, energy gases, and toxic gases into higher-value products.

The G-44 Process operates at low temperatures and pressures, its capital and operating expenditures are relatively low, and it has no negative environmental impacts.

ASG has designed, built, and successfully operated a portable proof-of-concept pilot unit in Lloydminster, Alberta, which has proven the economic and technical viability of the G-44 Process over the past three years. The pilot-unit can process 11,000-12,000 cubic feet of gas per day at 4 atmospheres of pressure.

More detailed information about the input and output products of the G-44 Process, the technology, and its market applications is available on our website, or by getting in touch with ASG by clicking here.